Congrats: Alia & Oma

Happy Wedding Day : You'll make a wonderful couple....
Above: I used digital scrapbooking...using Adobe Photoshop CS

The wedding gifts & the goodies for inspire you...
These are amongst my friends who attend the Solemnization Ceremony..... It's a regret that I wasn't there because I had teaching thingy on that day.
I also got wedding goodies!!! friend, Alia kept one for me...haha!
I hope it might inspire you can also use the same type of goodies for any parties...birthday party, baby-shower...etc.

However, I have posted a wedding gift to the newly wed couple... :-)
In case you cannot attend your friend's wedding and have to mail her something, here is the idea..... it is so light (not even exceed 1 kg, can be posted via Pos Express Box =Malaysians only!

Stuff you need:
Golden yellow ribbon was used, to decorate the folded towel. I made a tiny piece of wish tag and pinned on it. To make the towel look firm and steady, I used a piece of square cardboard and put it in the towel while folding it. This kind of towel can be easily bought in any supermarkets. Simple!!!
You can try & do it yourself!!

May God bless both of you....**Credits to Miss Aimi Sheikh Ibrahim for the pictures taken

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  1. rambut panjang tu mcm Uncle Seekers je..

  2. Cumi = Yes, Uncle Seekers. You're right! He's Oma's brother...

  3. thanks for this link ninie....cantek sgt goodies dye.