A Homey Card

This is Hasinah's picture, I made her to be half cartoon.
I will make "Homey Card" for Hasinah, using above picture, for her belated birthday....( I will print this out). Instead of giving a birthday card, I choose to make a scrapcard which she can use it everlasting for various purpose. I've found a quote from an anonymous, about determination. I hope that this upcoming card will help her building up her spirit and be stronger to face her life onwards....as a postgraduate.
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  1. Hi Ninie,
    What a really interesting blog you have! I have had a lovely time browsing through all your gorgeous creations.
    Alicia xx

  2. Nie this is fabulous. I love what you have done to your friends picture :)
    hugs Mandy xx

  3. Alicia = Thanks... *hugs
    Mandy = Hahaha...juz using Adobe Photoshop... She screamed out loud seeing her picture like this...lol

  4. hahahaha, btw, thnx a lot ninie!!! ;)