Why don't we remember our early childhood?

We don't remember days; we remember moments...   Pavese, Cesare

I've read several articles about this. I realize that nobody has memories from very early childhood because it is believed that during that age, the brain doesn't function in a complex process yet.  The products of this process is then called memories. However, young children do remember facts (what is taught or told) within a period of time. Some articles I've read say, children start to forget their childhood when they reach age 4 to 6. After that age, they start to have new memories captured along their journey of life. That's why we can still vividly describe our first day going to school (if it was the most memorable event for you!), but we don't remember our very first birthday party (1-year-old birthday party) ....hihiks.
 Note: I am the girl who is standing at the back....waiting for the cake to be cut. I loved cakes when I was a kid and now still do. My mother told me that I would cry if I wasn't the first person who got the first piece of cake during birthday parties.

We will only know the past by asking those who were there....
Kita hanya mengetahui perkara lampau dengan bertanya mereka yang ada pada masa lepas....


  1. hehehe. . actly isya ingat lhaa tyme kecik2. . sbab isya banyak kenangan ngn spupu. . dan byk photo. . hee. .

  2. :) semmangnya anda sgt shomel.. suke rambut payung tu.. :)

    kenangan kadangkala ianya membuatkan kita mahu kembali kezaman itu.. :)

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