High-Tea - Happy graduating!!!

Appreciation & Farewell High-Tea LG220 Cohort 5 

16/10/2011 3.30PM - 5.30 PM 

Miss you all!!!
It was blessed that it became a big success....
Thanks to all who supported the event.
It wouldn't turn out sooooo well without all of you!

Three years were not enough for us to spend more time together.....
See you all during our convocation day!!!

Happy graduating!!! 
-23rd of October 2011- 


  1. selamat berkonvo cik ninie... ^_^
    tahniah !!!

  2. Nie... mana hang.. nak kek!

    nnt jgn lupa upload pic konvo~

  3. Tahniah, Cik Ninie! Selamat bergraduasi! :)

    # AM pemenang Giveaway HOB (peserta no. 64). Macam mana cara nak dapatkan hadiah (doodle)? Kalau ada apa-apa, boleh contact AM di blog utama : http://arolpunyeblog.blogspot.com .

  4. tahniah dear...musim org konvo kan