Doodles for Wanie, Eqa, Miss A

Special for Wanie Anina
****Hope you like it....this is your blog's theme

Special for Eqa
****Hope you like it....I couldn't trace your blog... I'm not allowed to access your blog....Why? Do check your setting dear.... I hope you read this entry. Ninie dah plan lama nak bg doodle utk EQA, tp Ninie x dapat buka blog Eqa...sorry sgt2. Ni doodle utk Eqa, harap2 Eqa baca entry ni ye....

Sesiapa yang kenal Eqa dan bleh view blog Eqa, tolong bagitau Eqa yang doodle dia Ninie dah buat, okay!!!?? Please...hihiks...kesian Eqa.

Surprise for Miss A
****Hope you like it.... A cupcake for you darling! It's free...hihiks


  1. cm knal je org yg name miss A 2....

    ea kembar..... =)

  2. ninie!! tq sangat2. chumel!! :)
    special entry for u at my blog

  3. salam... kte nk order doodle for my blog..cme xclear sgt tentang payment n harganya... and then nk doodle yg lebh kurang macam ur header..warna tak striking and want to use doodle pd header and nk mcm leh guna untuk semua...sorry agak byk je ngomel2..hehe..nti emailkan kat eh..

  4. nak doodle jgak!
    nak macam ni :

    doodle kembar
    pakai baju purple


  5. haha..MNO sederhana..x susah x senang

  6. waa...jelesnye,,they all dpt doodles lhaa...nk jgk...tapy ta reti nk bwt..hurm...cdeyh3...='(