Tips to Achieve a Dream

For Syahiroo...kihkih....
I just read his new entry on having a new haircut like Kim Bum (Boys over Flowers)...
This is the preview of Syahiroo in 3 months ahead.... 
I guess 3 months should be enough to let your hair grow.
GOOD LUCK in having this new haircut ya, buddy!!!!

..........Tips to Achieve a Dream.........

1) Mindset: Everybody has a dream, regardless an achievable dream or an impossible dream. You should have at least a dream (whatever it is....including to be Aaron Aziz's wife or Nora Elena's husband...whatever it may). So, free to have whatever dream in mind and jot it down in a book like mine. I've jotted down all my dreams since I was 7 years old, so I can pursue them soon. Why???  Because....Dreams are to inspire you, though you'll be laughed by others.  - Impian adalah pendorong anda, walaupun ia tidak bermakna apa-apa buat orang lain.

***I will share the contents next time....hihiks.

2) Passion: Put some interest on your dream. Love it and adore it! When you have a dream, you should have at least some efforts to make your dream come true. It might sound ridiculous sometimes, but simply go for it..... For example, assuming you really want to have a unique haircut like David Arumugam (Alley Cats). For sure, your mother will not allow you to do so. BUT.....if you really want it, you should convince your mother that you will definitely look more handsome in that style....hihiks.  Yes, there are lots of advantages to have this kind of haircut. You don't even have to brush your time, save cost! hehe.... Be brave to tell the truth, or you will just lose..... - Tanpa keberanian, mimpi takkan jadi kenyataan.

3) Patience: You have to be patient in all circumstances that may occur. In achieving a dream, it won't always be a colourful and smooth journey like this.....
Sometimes, you have to go through hardships and difficulties like this......
However, these experiences and moments will make you stronger...... Where there's a will, there's a way...(di mana ada kemahuan, di situ ada jalan). Go for it!!!! Life is boring without experiences and moments..... - Kehidupan itu mebosankan tanpa pengalaman dan kenangan.

You are what you think you are.....may your dreams come true!

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  1. walaaaaaaaaaaa.. ninie... hahaha... awat saya macam dr.rozmy.. mate 5.. hehe...

    macam tak kene lak rambut tu kan.. muke kene korea gak baru sesuai.haha.. thanks ninie..

  2. wah..gaya rambut tuh memang sebijik sama! =D

  3. wahhh syahiroo dah dpt haircut cm die nak tu! hehe :P

    cik ana :)

  4. sangat bermakna ..
    senyum tgk kimbum

  5. i like number 3 the most.
    buat apa-apa pon memang kena saba.


  6. ape ke pelik muka syahiroo tu.. hahaha..

  7. hahaha....Dr.Rozmy iklan tuh?? Kih3...

  8. Yup Ninie, kita harus tetapkan pendirian, harus kerjakan bersungguh after that tawakkal.

    psst, kelaassss kau Syahirooo.. haha