Tips to beautify your blog

Isya, kindly leave your link if by any chances you read this entry ya! Really wish I could help, but you forgot to link to your blog. I hardly found you, dear.....

Thank you for that. These are my suggestions:

1) Beautiful is subjective....different people think differently. My blog might look beautiful to you but vise-verse to others. This means, decorate your blog beautifully according to your perception, not in regards of others. -hiaslah mengikut apa yang anda rasakan indah

2) I don't think my blog is beautiful, as compared to many other blogs. However, I try to be as simple as I can in presenting this blog. Choose the right fonts and sizes of the words. As long as readability comes in, the widgets and accessories can come later. -Asalkan blog mudah dibaca, perhiasan blog yang lain juga akan membantu.

3) My blog did not use the extravagance widgets or accessories. It's enough to have a simple header, tab buttons, background, side-bar filled with badges, a shoutbox, archieve and some other common tools. My blog is actually very simple, it uses the simplest template provided by Blogger. But if you are about to decorate it professionally, do visit them for further information: LYSSA FAIZUREEN and I.Z.A.R.A. -Blog Ninie hanya menggunakan template Blogger yang biasa

4) It doesn't matter whether your blog is beautiful or not, the most important is, the contents!!! -anda adalah apa yang anda tulis

You are what you write.....your writing portrays.

That's all!!!


  1. i love this one !!
    slow saja .. sangat sopan ..

  2. from the bottom of the heart is always the best :)

    cik ana.

  3. thanks share ninie.. ait dah balik ke?

  4. nice info dear..suke bila ada yang rajin share2 mcm nie.. :D

  5. Thanks Syahirah, ana, Emi, Tia....

    Syahiroo = Belum...Ninie curi2 update dalam kelas...kih3. Agak boring Dr. ni bg lecture...kikih

    LYSSA = Wah..Lyssa pon sempat komen..hihiks. TQ

  6. anda adalah apa yang anda tulis:)hihi...

    nice tips ninie..

  7. Nice tips babe. Agree with u "decorate ur blog according to ur perception, not in regards of others" but if ada org tegur blog kita terlalu sarat, its nice to take the advice. ^_^

    And, YES, you are what what u write.

  8. wah.. mekaseh sudi mpemes an blog ara :)

  9. nice tips! yes, yg plg penting apa yang kita tulis tu dpt tarik minat pembaca...

    Entri ini tersenarai dalam Entri Menarik Bulan Ini #4