Contest: With My Favourite Plush

End : 1st of November 2011 

Amongst the animal stuff/plush in my collection, this teddy bear is the one I love the most..... It was just given by my mother last Sunday, during my convocation day [23rd October 2011]... =)
Love it soooo much! I call him Mr. Nerd! 

Here the prizes:

  • First Place : RM 20 Top-Up
  • Second Place : RM 15 Top-Up
  • Third Place : RM10 Top-Up
  • And will be regularly updated


NiGhTiNaNgLe_FARA said...

tak boleh nak klik banner tuh..

syahirooAhmad said...

uit.. jgn lupa pulangkan jubah tu.. :D

Ninie said...

Fara= Ninie x link banner, tp click caption "click here"..hihiks.

Syahiroo= Ninie hantar dh...lewat sehari jer...denda 2 ringgit..hihiks

lieynanilaz said...

good luck k..

Ninie said...

TQ lieyna