Giant....this post is dedicated to Sakey UIA.

GIANT.......this is a place where I can leave my burdens. But, sometimes I change my direction to Pasar Tani at Section 13 behind Giant Hypermarket. I love this place. Lots of people are moving around, without stopping.

Well, it's fun to see many kinds of people. This is also a place to do some observations on how various people behave. In addition, there's a lot of things to feed me my eyes. Seriously, a myriad of foods there are absolutely appealing. I love nasi ayam goreng there (fried chicken with rice).

and pizza there is exteremly delicious! I'm going to die without that pizza once I go there! It is only RM2.50 per piece. It is enough to fill in the empty space of my belly. (I got a story about this pizza. I'll tell you later in the next post. I'm having a class right now.)

Honestly, some foods are costly....I only manage to glance at those foods via the edge of my two half-bubble eyes.

Well, everyday of my life gives me a story to share. Whether it is interesting or awful, I don't mind.

Words are emotions.
Words are expressions.
Words are evaluations.
Words are explanations.

Writing is exercising....


  1. weh, bila nak wat post special tok aku wahai nini!!

  2. Be patient Moon. Nanti ninie gi ke bulan, Ninie tulis wat a post dedicated to Moon....haha!