Strawberry is now my passionate fruit. I love its smell, regardless its sour taste.

The smell makes me crazy for the whole day. It is formidable to pull my eyes out from the sockets. Well, the taste is not as wonderful as its smell. Unless, it is associated in a cornucopia
of crave delights such as yogurts, sweets, ice creams and jams. To eat strawberries straight away is not my desire. It is just like a saying, "DON'T JUDGE BOOK BY ITS COVER". Its physical look is extraordinarily enchanting and easily can attract anybody who wants to feel the moon-struck pleasant things in life.

However, the taste -sometimes- kills our appetite of even glancing at any other food in this galaxy. What an atrocious type of strawberry we have here! Becasue strawberries are toooooooo beautiful!!!

The most beautiful fruit ever!!

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