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(19TH of February 2009)


Today’s class was the most interesting class ever, so far. We did quite a good job as we went along the lesson. We were working on ‘How to Solve Hard Disk Problem’ using problem based learning style of studying. Honestly, searching the right information was totally difficult. We need to know the exact term to search through Google Search Engine.

After one hour struggling with information, Dr. Othman -an instructor- came to our class to lead the PBL session. We were divided into three groups. Each group was given an internal hard disk which was already taken out from computers. Any of the three hard disks has a file we wanted. However, we had to figure out how to connect it to connect it to computer so that we could read the file. I was together with Hasinah, Masitah, Alzahari, Hafiz, Tun and Khairil. We were working with a great full of cooperation in doing the task. The task was given three weeks ago. We had actually spent a lot of time at home in finding about ‘how to solve crash hard disk problem’. I had asked my uncle who is expert in computer. He said I only needed USB 2.0 to IDE Cable to connect an internal hard disk to a computer.

The question-answer session began. I was assigned to ask Dr. Othman about USB 2.0 to IDE Cable. I was so confident that the cable was the right cable to use. As I broke the ice, Dr. Othman gave me the cable in a great astonishment. He said I am the first student ever to could get the tool with a very first question. My question was, “Dr. Othman, can I have USB 2.0 to IDE cable?” Then he said yes and gave me the tool I wanted. My group was so happy. The other group asked for 4 pin to P4 Female and they got it right. It was actually the power source we needed. We could not work with merely USB 2.0 to IDE with any power supply. Finally, we did all together, combining the three groups to be a great team. We got another tool which was the CD driver to be able to read the hard disk.

As the time was up, we had to continue searching for the file next week. In a nutshell, we have done a quite good job in the sense of working a big team.

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