Giant la......

26th of March 2009 Thursday

It is a pleasant day with a bright friendly sun. I went to PKNS with Toon after ISD class. We went there holding a simple aim to buy a movie. Actually, we are assigned to do an assignment on bilingualism. All we need is studying on a movie which has elements of bilingualism. That means there must be two languages used by some actors in the movie.
Firstly, we headed to nowhere. But then, we dropped at a shop that sells CDs. We straight away looked at some CDs there. The salesgirl was so warm. I know this girl as I always come here with my other friend. I already know she is like that, like a box of ‘basi’ Sunsweet. Sunsweet is even much sweeter. So, that salesgirl was like a box of ‘basi asam boy’. She smiled, but she was pretending. I could read her face. After searching and having a discussion with the salesgirl, we chose a VCD entitled Escape from Huang Shi.
Then, we moved to SACC Mall, I wanted to go to Giant Supermarket. At Giant, I did not know what to buy. Then, I bought a food container and a bed mattress. It is very nice! I could not manage to buy pink bed mattress.

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