23rd April 2018 - 24th May 2018 

I hope I will get something this time...LOL.
Have never been lucky...oh dear.
Wish me luck ya!
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The terms and conditions are simple.
Unfortunately, I only managed to follow Nadiaizzaty.Nia's blog
for I don't own any other social media accounts mentioned.
I hope this is just fine.
Oh...and there's a small favour that Nadiaizzaty needs us to do.
Simply respond to these questions:
what do you like about Nadiaizzaty.Nia's blog or what you don't like about Nadiaizzaty.Nia's blog or what Nadiaizzaty.Nia's should improve about Nadiaizzaty.Nia's blog or what topic do want Nadiaizzaty.Nia to write or you can write any suggestions and feedbacks about Nadiaizzaty.Nia's blog

My response:
I especially love the template of her blog, like honestly. It looks so simple without any excessive decorations which can distract my reading. Well, I bet my blog looks distracting sometimes...LOL. I don't really have anything 'I don't like' because it's all good. Even the writing is simply readable and sounds friendly to anyone. So she's got nothing to improve except 'do post more often' (talking to myself too....LOL). Go girl! Keep it up and be lovely as always. P/S: The pictures uploaded are always beautiful in this blog...ALWAYS. I am so jelly...ehehe. C.R.E.A.T.I.V.E

That's all from me...



  1. awww~ dearrrr thank youuuu <3

    I know I should update my blog post more. I will try to improve that part okay. hihi

    Nway thank you again and good luck too <3