......and suddenly, it is June. 

We  have  nearly gone through half of the year.
I think if this was one of the essay questions
(e.g.: please write an essay which ends with this statement),
 I would probably had plenty of stuff to write...LOL. 
Yes, to write things that I didn't do.
Time that I have wasted.
and stuff I wish I could have done
before this very month arrived.

How time flies.... As they say,
Time is a villain..
Time is a thief.
Time is a friend to no man.
Time is money.
Time heals.
Time is.......many things!

This reminds me of a great movie.
I am a fan of  Alice Through The Looking Glass,
as  much as I love Alice in Wonderland.

Although I know I have loads of stuff to finish but too little time to catch up,
I have to put a little faith in myself.
I have passed the deadline though...LOL
No matter! It's alright.
Just keep going, I will get there!
The key is to believe that it is possible!

So, let's have a little faith!
Shall we?

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  1. Sekejap je dah Julai.. huhuhu..
    Dah setengah tahun berlalu..