DIY Magnetic Pacifier for a Baby Alive Doll

 I bought a cheap pacifier/soother (newborn size) at a local supermarket.

The price is RM5.90 (about GBP1.00 only).
*There are many more cute options at Poundland, I am sure.

 First of all, I cut the nipple into half of its original length.

 Then, a small magnet (taken from an old fridge magnet) was inserted.
I used my beloved Mr.Glue Gun to do the job.

Like this. Let the glue dry for a minute or two.


My niece couldn't be happier.
She uses this all the time, especially during feeding time.

In this picture, she is playing with a Baby Alive- Baby All Gone.
Her mouth is not magnetic, so it doesn't react to this magnetic pacifier.

But it works well with the other BA dolls in my collection
such as BA Real Surprises Baby
 However, for this model, you have to put 2 magnets (stacked together).
It won't register if you use only one magnet in the pacifier.
Well, it depends on how strong your magnet is.
Maybe yours is strong enough to use one.

and BA My Baby Alive

FYI, the other BA dolls which will react to this magnetic pacifier are
BA Learns to Potty, BA My Real Baby
and many more with magnetic mouth.

 If you are new to Baby Alive discontinued dolls, let me explain a bit.
This magnetic pacifier
(or other magnetic doll accessories like spoon, water bottle etc.)
will trigger the sensor inside of the doll's mouth
hence 'sipping/sucking/licking' sound is produced.
Well, it depends on what type of BA you have.

A magnetic pacifier DOES NOT work on BA Snackin' Sara.

This pacifier is also suitable for all open-wide-mouth Baby Alives,
even for the non-magnetic ones like Snackin' Lily.

What do you think of this pacifier?

Bye now.