DIY new t-shirt for baby doll

I made a new shirt for one of my nieces' baby dolls.
This one is from Zapf Creation (used/second-hand)
which I bought at a charity shop
near my house while I was in the UK.
It was only GBP1.50 which is about RM10.00 in Malaysia.
It originally got a nice hoodie jacket and a pair of jeans.
Oh, and it was wearing a diaper back then.
Well, this doll has been well-played by my three nieces,
so yeah, the diaper is now missing.

So! I thought it needs new outfit.
I went to a supermarket (babies and toys department) and
bought this tiny pink t-shirt for newborns (below picture).
It is RM7.31...quite expensive for a tiny t-shirt! LOL

I altered it a bit because it was too long for a baby doll.
Oh, btw, this baby doll is 16 inches.

I sew the hem manually.
I don't know what hand-sewing technique I was using....
but it looks decent for kids LOL. No worries.

I made a pair of pants for it too
which I will talk about it in the next post.

What do you think?
It looks sloppy somehow, but is alright for kids to play...I suppose.

Bye now!


Where can you buy this baby doll in Malaysia?

Simply go to any 'kedai bundle' (shops that sell second-hand/used imported items).
They might sell it.
Check it online too, at carousell Malaysia, for example.
Simple search for 'baby doll' and it will lead you straight to many choices.
They sell this kind of baby dolls for only RM10-25 each.
I bought a lot from an instagram account owner called @gerobokmainan.
This seller is highly recommended.

Good Luck!