Hanging Balloons for A Party

This is how I usually hang balloons for birthday parties
or simple family celebrations at home.
So, this is my simple way of hanging balloons for party decorations.

You can try this method too!
Super easy to hang and take off whenever kids ask for one. 

--small-size ribbon/s
--paper clips

How to do it?

(1) Use a required length of ribbon as a rope anywhere you like, to hang the balloons.
As for me, I often choose to tie this ribbon to the window bars (jeriji tingkap).
Make sure to tie both ends firmly with two to three knots.

(2) Blow a balloon and tie its knot/mouth firmly.

(3) Stretch or extend or open a paper clip outward....just a bit.

(4) Attach the altered paper clip to the balloon knot/mouth.

(5) Then, you can hang it to the ribbon.
Repeat the same step until you reach your desired target number of balloons.

(6) Attach more balloons to the ribbon.
Well, you can attach more than one balloon to each paper clip if you want!

**These pictures were taken before my niece's birthday party at her play area
at the very end of the house near back door.
So I prepared this one day earlier without disturbing the other sections of the house.

(7) Finally, this is how it might look!
You can do better if you have more balloons!

So later, whenever any kids ask for the balloons,
you can simply grab them and easily take them off from the ribbon.

Enjoy your party!

Happy trying!!


  1. wowww. tak terfikir pulak.. good idea! biasa beli baloon helium je sebelum ni :'D

  2. alamak sweetnya. anak-anak mst nmpk meriah kan?

  3. Sangat membantu! Salute to all creative people.


  4. KANN?? sangat membantu taaww! tq ninie.. ninie balik malaysia dah ker?

    1. boleh la gantung belon camni kat umah kak sha...hahahahah, Haruslah pulang utk birthday girls menanti.