Segmen Blogwalking Merdeka 2017

Please click on the picture if you're interested to join! This is open to all Malaysians who lives in Malaysia. Good that I have come back for the time being....hihi. Don't forget to follow all the terms and conditions including follow her blog, add to google+ and like her fb page.

Unfortunately I skipped to the second condition for I don't use google+. I hope this is okay. If you use it, don't forget to add hers into the circle ya!

I will start blogwalking soon. Happy blogwalking to you too!


  1. ida singgah sini..good luck

  2. Gud luck...jemput singgah

  3. Salam Kemerdekaan... terima kasih sudi join Segmen blogwalking Merdeka 2017.
    Senarai peserta di
    Keputusan pemenang akan diumumkan pada hari esok. Gud luck.
    - Mia Liana