Hi Guys!!! It's AUGUST! The month of Malaysia Independence Day.
To start with something something great, I joined this awesome giveaway!
Thanks to Radhia Razali for organising this marvellous segment.
I hope you will do so too! Simply click on the above picture or here.

Unfortunately, I cannot fulfill all the terms and conditions
for I don't own any Instagram or Twitter accounts.
But still, let's hope for the best!

Terms and Conditions:

1. Follow blog penselduabee & blog tarot the fool.
2. Add to Circle G+RadhiaRazali
3. Click on her Nuffnang & Lazada.
4. Like her FB page penselduabee
5. Follow her Instagram: Radhia87 
6. Follow her twitter: RadhiaHaafiza 
7. Leave comments on two of her articles...or more. Top commentators will receive exciting gifts!
8. Create an entry like this one and make sure to backlink whatever is needed.
9. Publish that entry
10. Leave a URL of that entry here.
11. Share/ping entry "Merdeka Giveaway By"  from her blog at your facebook.
12. The winners must live in Malaysia ONLY for easy delivery of the gifts.

Please visit this link to see those awesome gifts she offers!!!
Wish you all the best!


Do you want some chocolates?
Don't forget to join another awesome giveaway by Sii Nurul here


  1. As salam, Ninie. Good luck to u... May you win this contest. Aamiin...

  2. Thanks for joining my GA. Please ignore my previous GA inviting comment..hehe

  3. Radhia: Alright, no problem. Thank you tau! Hihihi

    Nadia: Many thanks

    Abam Kie: Yup, harap2 menang...hehe

  4. Singgah n follow sini :)
    Jemput datang ye.

  5. Terima kasih kerana menyertai MERDEKA GIVEAWAY BY PENSELDUABEE.BLOGSPOT.COM . Senarai peserta Giveaway sudah keluar. Sila rujuk link untuk untuk blogwalking.

  6. good luck :)

  7. huaaa kita tak menang cekelattt pommmmm! :P