DIY Kad Raya

This is my DIY Eid Greeting Cards project with my 5-year-old niece. I spent one whole day with my niece, designing and printing these Eid greeting cards according to her preference. She drew the boy and girl cartoons herself. She even wrote the wordings herself, with my guidance of course. She cannot read yet…but know the alphabets, lol.

All her drawing and writing were cut and scanned. Then I pasted on a plain paper for arrangement and re-scanned. When I got a desired design, I printed it out on a thick plain A4 paper and cut the leftover edge. Done!

I must say the cards turned out good, for beginners like us…of course. They are full of honesty and authenticity. Excellent! We made only four cards. One for her, one for me, and two more were posted to my cousins (10 and 13 years old), who happen to be her mak sepupu and ayah sepupu.

Bye now and Eid Mubarak everyone! This has been so much fun. I hope to do this again next year with her. We’ll see how she improves in her drawing and writing.


  1. full of sincerity! i love it <3
    thanks for the opinion and drop by at my blog.thnk you.. :D