For nearly two decades, using deodorants makes me feel secure whenever I am outside. I have accustomed to using a deodorant since high school, mostly R***** roll on. I never changed the brand, I love it. I will definitely NOT going out without applying it. I ONLY use it when I am about to go out. Yes, I don’t use it at home. I am aware that using a commercial deodorant too much is harmful for it contains chemicals like aluminium salts and zirconium. These two chemicals are known to be hazardous if used for a long term.
Lately, I am very cautious about my body odour, especially my underarms. I am NOT talking about going outdoor, because I will always use a deodorant to avoid smelly underarms. I am now talking about whenever I am not using any deodorant while staying at home for the whole day. Well, my house (in Malaysia) is not entirely air-conditioned, except for bedrooms. So the normal room temperature in the house is what we usually feel outside…lol. Hot and sticky. It is absolutely NOT WARM anymore. This condition makes my armpits sweat even more and cause bad smell, to my nose at least. I am not happy with this.

I started to realise some pit odour as I spend most of my time at home because I am on my study leave. I don’t go out much. Little did I know, I have been completely deodorant-free for more than two months now. As a result of deodorant-free, my underarms stink whenever they sweat. FYI, they sweat all the time in this hot weather. Oh dear my dear!!!

I read a blog article at the guardian.com saying that using deodorants will kill all bacteria in underarms area, including the good ones. The worse thing is, according to a study, our underarms will get more bacteria after we stop using the deodorants because the bacteria underneath which have been long trapped in the skin will go out and multiply. OH MY GOD! I think, this is why the underarms get smelly when we don’t use deodorants anymore. In other words, for some cases like mine, the underarms odour gets worse after we stop using deodorants. I am sure this is what is happening to me right now. I’ve never had the experience of NOT USING deodorants for so long before until this time. I never stopped using anti-perspirants or deodorants since high school. That long……wow! Now I know. I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT A DEODORANT….or actually, can I?

So I have a new wish! From this moment, I don’t want to use deodorants anymore! Will this be possible?
So I googled. As you all know, I have started using Mary Kay skincare products lately. So I searched if Mary Kay has anything like a safe and hazardous chemical-free deodorant or something like that. Yes, I FOUND IT!!!! A lot of people have been talking about Deo Body Spritzer (147ml, RM138, Lotus and Bamboo smell). So my sister ordered it today from a beauty consultant! I can’t wait to use it!!!! I hope it can solve my problem.

I will write a review soon, after I get the item and use it for about a week or so. Stay tuned!

Refer to these links for the product review: EnglishVersion / Malay version

**You may also refer to  www.marykay.com.my, if want to know more about Mary Kay Deo Body Spritzer.


  1. am also stop using any type of deodorant, must be lazy enough to roll the sticky thing on my underarms kihkihkih

  2. so true ann ishak...malas kan.