My nieces' Paradise Playground and Houseplay Set

I have three nieces.
This is their indoor playground and playhouse
at their grandparents' house (my parents' house).
I set this indoor playground so they can always come and play
right under our eyes.
They spend almost all day here whenever they come.

This space is at the end of the house, near the back door.
So, the living room, common room and family room
which are located at the front part of the house
will always remain untouched.

Most of the playhouse toys were bought in the UK
as these things are very cheap there.
I got the whole baby alive set including stroller, bouncer,
car seat, dining seat and many more.
The ironing board, iron, electric kettle,
vacuum cleaner are all pre-loved and were bought
at a charity shop near my house there.
Very cheap!

I bought loads of Barbie dolls too.
Most of them only cost me about GBP1.00 to GBP3.00 each.
They are pre-loved/used items, but definitely original
and still in good condition.