Marimo World #3: SMALL marimo --online purchase

It is safe to buy marimos/moss balls online.
As for me, I would recommend you to do so.
[WHY?: Please refer to my previous post about my LARGE marimos]
Your marimos will arrive at your door step in a blink of eye.

I purchased ten more marimos (moss balls) online...
a couple weeks ago.
Their size is classified as SMALL which is about 2-3cm.
Luckily I got extra one marimo for free.
So I paid GBP5.30 for eleven small marimos.
This price is considered very VERY CHEAP!!!
It was super fast delivery too.
I received my marimos on the next day!
That was really quick!
People say, marimos can actually survive for 30 days in the parcel.
So don't worry to buy marimos online, even from the sellers abroad.
Normally, you will receive healthy marimos as you wish for.

I simply throw them into my nano plant aquarium.
You can put them anywhere actually...
They don't need plenty of water.
Even a glass of water (use a tumbler) is enough to care for a marimo.
Simply use clean tap water and place the tumbler
anywhere in your bedroom.
It can survive with little sunlight.
Well, actually a marimo hates direct sunlight.
Your room light is, sometimes, enough for it.
Remember to change the water every week
and clean your marimo in bowl of clean tap water too.


There is also EXTRA SMALL marimo sold which is about 0.5-1cm.
I will buy a few XS marimos next time!

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