Marimo World #2: My large marimo 6.5cm

I have three LARGE marimos (about 5, 6 and 6.5cm)
which cost me GBP11.00 from a local pet store.
That means this marimo is about GBP3.67 each.
I knew that buying marimo online would be cheaper
but I don't know why....once upon a time...
on that awful day...
 I fall in love with these three at the first
So I bought them without thinking twice.

When I got home, I felt awful and wanted to return them
and buy new ones online at eBay which are absolutely much cheaper.
I could get two marimos of the same size for only GBP3.49.
That means this marimo could have been bought for only GBP1.75 each.
But I paid GBP3.67 each!!!!

On the next day, I went to the shop again
and told them to return these three marimos because I had changed my mind.
Unfortunately, they don't accept returns (if we don't have reasons)
for aquatic plants and fish.
The reason is quite sensible because they can't put
the plants or fish back into their tank.
Any fish or plants that we have brought home and put into our aquarium
might have been polluted or stuff like that.
They can't take this risk.

This really makes sense.
So I had to accept their brilliant reason and
took my expensive marimos back home with a smile.
I don't mind because they are big and healthy until now.
So I am glad to have them.


...and many days after this incident,
I purchased ten SMALL marimos (moss balls) online.
Please refer to this link.

There is also EXTRA SMALL marimo sold which is about 0.5-1cm.
They should be about 1 year old.
They are also called nano marimo.
I will make a few myself next time!

Bye now!!!

Below is my marimo doodle....
I made this 4 years ago.
Please refer to my very first post about marimo in 2012.
Go to this link: Marimo World #1: Marimo

And my dream has came true....


  1. akak terpakse google marimo tu ape dikkkk...xpenah dengar dan tengok ehehe....tapi comel laa bentuk marimo ni...

  2. hihihi...comel kan. mcm tipu aje.

  3. pernah dgr tp ni baru tau n kenal ghupe dy..hikhik