Lotus tank with a mosquito net

I just transferred my lotus plants into a tank outdoor.
I covered my lotus tank with a mosquito net
because I don't want to put any fish in it.
But I am not sure whether this method is good
for my lotus plants to grow.
At least, this is it for the time being.
When they get bigger, I may have to change the tank
so they will have enough space for their leaves.

I purchased 20 lotus seeds for GBP0.99 from China at eBay.
Very cheap right???
I just wanted to try to plant lotus from seed, so
I bought some seeds online regardless their 'health' condition.
This is just for fun.

I hope you can try it too...

Here are the things you have to do
as soon as you receive your lotus seeds......

First, you must scar the seeds. Then, soak them in tap water.
The seeds will become twice bigger than their original size after 24 hours.

Change the water every day!!!
After a few days, their shells will split and you can see the sprouts.
Keep changing water daily to make sure the water is clean.
Use warm water (room temperature), not cold water.

Can you see how wonderful it will become after 2 weeks?
This is one of mine, after 2 weeks or so.
My seeds/sprouts grew very slowly, I think. I read some other blogs,
their seeds only took about 1 week or less to sprout long like mine did.

Next, when your seeds/sprouts become like that (above picture),
you can transfer your lotus seeds with sprouts into pots.
Well, I didn't have enough pots,
so I also used empty jars from my kitchen drawer.

Place all your lotus pots in the tank. Fill up with clean tap water.

Finally, cover it with a mosquito net.
As for my tank, I simply clipped the net using wooden clips around its edge.

That's all!
Now let's pray for my lotus plants....and yours too.
I hope they will grow big and healthy!

Let's hope!

For more information, you can visit this wonderful blog.
She has talked about her lotus plants too,
with more pictures.
I hope this might help.

Bye now!


  1. Wah!!!! that's was great. If I gat a chance, I want to do a plant the lotus. But now, I started with hydroponic plant.

    Jemputan ke segmen kita.
    * http://alongwawaerna.blogspot.my/2016/04/erna-mini-giveaway-april-mei-2016.html

  2. insyaAllah.nanti ninie join.