Tewin Apple Orchard

My housemates and I went there on 12 August 2016.
It is located at 1, Upper Green, Tewin in Hertfordshire.
It was so fascinating to see apple trees.
There are toooo many types of apples here!
Although those apples were not fully ripe yet....
they looked gorgeous on their branches.
I am fully satisfied.

While we were there,
we dropped by at Tewin Village.
It is believed to be one of the nicest villages in the UK too.
I think, it really is nice, indeed.

It was indeed one of the hottest summer day ever!
We stopped at the shop to buy some drinks.
The shop owner is so lovely too.
I can say, people here are very friendly.

I think you should visit here.
I mean, if you happen to be on the way to somewhere.
We visited Tewin only after we enjoyed
Tewin is only 30 minutes away from there.
Both places are majestic.
We then left Hertfordshire with a smile!

Bye now.