Hitchin Lavender Hertfordshire

My housemates and I drove all the way from Birmingham
to Hitchin, Hertfordshire.
We took almost 3 hours to reach this place
because we got lost and had to reroute the GPS many times..LOL.

The entrance fee of Hitchin Lavender is only GBP4.50
and you can cut as many lavender stalks as you want
to fill your brown paper bag.
You'll be given that bag and a pair of scissors
at the main entrance of the field.

There is a picnic area where you can relax.
You can eat your lunch while enjoying
a majestic purple view in front of you,
together with a pleasant scent of lavender.

These pictures will never do justice to what I saw.
But I do hope you enjoy them.
At least you can imagine how pretty the place is
and start planning your visit.

I can still imagine the smell of this field.
Well, you know the lavender fragrance of your car perfume right?
It is almost like that, but only this one is mixed with grass smell...LOL.
Very hot summer, indeed.

There is a sunflower field next to it.
But you cannot pick the sunflowers.

There is a cafeteria where you can buy food and drinks.

There are other facilities such as toilets and souvenir shop too.
I was looking for fridge magnets as I love to collect them.
Unfortunately, they do not sell fridge magnets here.
However, there are jute shopping bags, lavender scented products etc.
with the printed name of this place 'Hitchin Lavender'.

Again... I went back with a great smile.
See how I did to dry these lavender flowers.

For further information, you can visit
Hitchin Lavender official website

Bye now.

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