Strawberry and chocolate

Summer means to enjoy as many types of fruit as I want!

'British strawberry' is one of them.
The cutest ever!

This is the way I always eat strawberries. 
I usually buy strawberries from the fresh market.
£1.00 per basket
*but below are not British strawberries, judging based on their shape.

...and this is my favourite chocolate spread.
Cadbury Crunchy Spread
sold at £2.00 each... £1.50 during sales.

Sometimes, I do eat strawberries with oriental pickled fruits.
They taste good together.


  1. heaven tawwwww kat abr0ad ada mcm2 jenis bread spread according to choc brand..ada choc drink MARS la.. crunchie la..kat mesia ada melo je.. vico.. oligo... jeless! meh lanting kat akk choc cream crunchies ni... wat sapu dgn roti..dappnyaa... :)

  2. sedap ni. entah bila Cadbury Malaysia nk produce menda alah ni. please...