My UK House Tour 2016

Not much, but it is home.
My room is exactly the first as you enter the house.
You can see I shield my window glass with
some UV protector.

This is the living room.

This is the storage room. I made it empty when I first moved in.

It is the look of a common student house here.
The rent per person is £286.00 monthly (for each bedroom).
I share this house with two other girls.
Actually, I just moved here (July intake)
and I didn't do so much decorating
as I did to my previous bedroom (A & B) in the old house
because I don't plan to rent this place long.
Enough for a couple of months, I think.

The backyard.
I cleaned it to make a space for clothes drying area.
This is the best I could do. It was much worse before,
with overgrown grass and crawling plants everywhere.
I said 'crawling plants'!!! Literally!!

I can't do much to clear the bush.
It's very dangerous.
It's sleeping animals are awakened!

It is a one-year-contract house, but we can always move out
anytime we want as long as we can find a new tenant.
The agency will charge us GBP100.00
for the documentation, that's all.


  1. mahal sikit dr previous bilik, £247 je tp sgt kecik. ni besar so £286 dh kira murah dh. biasa bilik umah kt sini dlm £300.