Liverpool FC Anfield Stadium

It was raining heavily when I was there.
I don't know a thing about football!
I tagged along while I accompanying my cousin to see this place.

As I was saying, the rain didn't stop me from taking pictures.
People would assume I must be a hardcore fan of Liverpool F.C.

While protecting my camera from getting wet,
I captured as many pictures as I could.
Not to mention 'while wiping the camera lens' too!

I didn't buy anything but a fridge magnet.

It is so easy to get here (Anfield).
I took a bus (No. 26) at the City Center,
precisely at Liverpool ONE bus station
and it only cost about GBP4.00++ return.
As I can remember, the Liverpool ONE bus station
 is exactly in front of John Lewis.
John Lewis is not far from the famous Albert Dock.
So it is very easy to spot on.

I walked from Liverpool Lime Street Train Station
to Liverpool ONE bus station
and it took about 45 minutes because I spent so much time on
taking pictures.
It should only take about 10-15 minutes actually! haha

The bus stopped exactly in front of the main entrance.
To get back to the City Center, I took bus No.27,
across the road.
Both Bus No. 26 and 27 take us to Liverpool F.C. Anfield Stadium
and back to the City Center.

You can refer to the official website for further details: here

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