Happy Mother's Day

It's 15 March 2015...
Spring is here!!!
Flowers are everywhere...
and nice smell is here and there...

No matter what date it is, mothers are great superwomen
to be remembered everyday....
Whether it is in March or May, mothers are MOTHERS everyday.

and so I bought this DKNY bag for my mother.

I sent the picture through whatsapp to wish her.
"Happy Mother's Day! Thank you for being such a wonderful mother a person can have"

She replied:
"Comel beg tu. Tq very much my beloved princess. You are wonderful"

with her selfie picture at that moment



  1. My goodness, you are so kind for buying your mum a branded stuff! yeah, I also think that if we can spend money on ourselves, then surely we can spend some for our parents, right? The only problem with me right now is that I'm pretty much broke.

  2. Izzah, Nini beli yg plg murah je ni....yg new arrival x mampu lah skang nih...haha