My Cakes?!

10/11/2009 Tuesday

As semester break begins, I’ve been thinking to bake cakes. One Monday morning, I asked my mother to buy me some ingredients because I knew she is ‘hantu supermarket’. Next day in the evening, I baked two cakes; chocolate cake and orange cake. The taste should be nice….but it became slightly different for several circumstances. I don’t have time to figure out why. Let it be that way. In fact, both cakes were finished. To be precise, the cakes were not baked, but they were steamed. They were nicely steamed in 45 minutes.

As soon as the cakes were ready, my father’s friends came. We did not have anything special to serve, so the cakes had been sacrificed. Although the taste was not as delightful as bakery’s cakes….but I could grade myself 10 marks over 15. Well, they ate the pieces…meaning that they were deliciously alright. Hopefully, they would not get stomachache or something like that.

Actually, my mother manually stirred the dough, not me. She asked me to use the electronic mixer; I said I don’t like my cakes to be technologized. I wanted them to be manually prepared. But, I did not want to mix the dough of both cakes myself. I asked my mother to do the mixing part. I just watched her and give instructions which ingredient to put first and things that followed. She prepared the steamer as well. Then, the cakes were ready to be served! I did not know which part of the cakes was my handmade. Never mind! I still claim that they were my cakes! Why? Because I was the one who gave them flavours! Hahaha…..If you want the recipe, check it out from my older post. I’ve posted the recipe a long time ago. But for these two cakes, put chocolate or orange flavour instead of Horlick. That’s all! Nasuha (my bestfriend who is now in Egypt), try this new recipe..ok?!

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