Sippy Cup for drink and wet dolls

This type of sippy cup is very suitable for wet and drink dolls.
I bought this at an RM2 shop (a shop which sells goods for only RM2.00 per item).
This kind of shop is almost everywhere in Malaysia.
In the UK, there is a shop called Poundland which sells stuff for GBP1.00 per item.
It is quite similar to RM2 shop in Malaysia.
So, simply find this cup at any of these shops.

This cup works perfect!
Choose the smallest tip you can ever find...
so it will suit your doll's mouth just right.
The example I am showing you today is the best type, in my opinion.
It suits any size of dolls in my collection.

So, if you want to make it magnetic...
simply paste a small magnet inside using
a special glue-like paste called silicone sealant.
You can click on this link next time to see
how I make a magnetic sippy cup for Baby Alive dolls.

Bye now!