Everyone loves M&M

I can never say no to M&M.
It's like the best sweet-bits ever!!! Isn't it?

When my siblings and I were little, my mother rarely bought
M&M because the price is more expensive than many other local brands.

She gave us Smarties instead, which I used to love too, as a kid.
Being an adult now, I have to say that M&M is kinda deliciously different.
You see.
Taste-wise, I think M&M suits both kids and adults.
That's the very reason why I still love it.

When I was in the UK, M&M was like compulsory snacks to carry in my school bag.
It would only cost me GBP1.00 for a small pack.
Well, for those who live there with that currency, it seems cheap.
If you convert the amount you pay in GBP into MYR,
M&M is actually cheaper in Malaysia, slightly.
This is because GBP1.00 is approximately equal to RM5.50 (normally).
So now, whenever I feel like 'mahalnya M&M ni, tapi nak jugak!',
I will simply say 'Xpe...kat UK lg mahal. Beli je la satu. Dua bulan sekali...' LOL.

My favourite is M&M Crispy in the blue packaging!
The one with rice-crisp inside.
Picture: Google Images_Ocado

So....what's your favourite M&M?