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It's new year fever again!
So let's join this giveaway, by Sii Nurul!!!

As people say, time flies fast. Yes. It's the end of 2017 already. In two weeks time, we'll have to greet 2018 with an open heart, whether we like it or not. When I look at "2018" anywhere, it constantly reminds me about my old days. My childhood, of course. I was born in December 1989. So I was brought up during the era when the sacred phrase 'Wawasan 2020' was so famous like you'd talk about it everyday, with fantastic imagination. I can't believe that we are reaching that '2020' soon. Although the phrase was so famous, we (as kids) didn't even care about the real vision behind it. We only understood (perhaps mistakenly) that we were moving toward "an entirely modern world" with awesome stuff that we didn't even have a clue what to imagine back then...LOL..

I can vividly remember the era when I was once in early primary school, around 1996-1997. This time is the ancient time where mobile phones were hardly found in Malaysia (in general, I supposed). Then in 1998, mobile phones (well-known as handphones in Malaysia) started to be a hot topic at my school and slowly introduced to the public, although they all came in the size of an elephant!!! LOL. I remember my father's first handphone was as big as his arm. But later on, handphone sizes swiftly evolved. They started to come in many sizes, smaller and smaller. I got my first mobile phone when I was in Form 4 (16 years old). It was among the smallest size you could ever get at that time, Panasonic A100. Well, did you know? 'The smaller handphone you carry, the cooler you will look'...LOL. I got it for free as I won a contest from a famous magazine. How cool is that? LOL. You can see the picture below. Mine was unfortunately the black one. Being a girlish highschooler, I wish I would get the red one when I was opening the parcel...haha. Never mind. Regardless the colour, it served me well for many years!

picture from: Google images

From that moment, we (as kids) knew that the world was getting better in technology as we were moving towards Wawasan 2020. Yes. Even the theme for drawing contest was always about Wawasan 2020 at many primary schools. As school kids, the year 2020 was viewed creatively. For example, we imagined cars would be flying and robots would be everywhere helping humans! Yes, I did imagine these too.

pictures from: Google images

I think we did exaggerate our imagination too much back then. However, that does NOT mean we were wrong. Cars may not literally be flying in 2020, but actually, they do fly on multi-layer highways, don't they?

picture from: Google images, DigitalTVEurope

As for robots, we don't realize that many things around us are robotic gadgets. Take our house kitchen or office pantry for the simplest example. We have a coffee maker. Don't you think it is a robot enough? It makes a flavourful cup of our desired coffee in a minute!

picture from: Google images

Therefore, I should say what we had imagined about Wawasan 2020 many years ago was actually TRUE. We are reaching 2018 in less than two weeks, so what do you expect? The world is getting better in technology and I love it this way! I hope it is going to get better in many other aspects too....don't you think?

Peace no war.

Bye now!


  1. Wahh.. thanks for join Kak Ninie. Honestly agak meremang juga baca entry akak pasal wawasan 2020. Sedar tak sedar sebenarnya kita semakin maju walaupun xda kereta terbang, but what worrying me the most is attitude of our people. Maju macam mana sekali pun kalau akhlak kita tidak semaju teknologi kita xda guna guna..

    Btw, nice sharing. Really open my mind about this world. Menunjukkan betapa dunia nie semakin tua dan kita pun semakin tua juga. Thanks for join my giveaway once again. Nti sy akan update utk senarai peserta. All the best!

    1. Hahaha...thanks Nurul. Sedih juga masa cepat sgt berlalu...haha mcm dh tua.

  2. Good luck Ninie.. Kak Sue singgah sini n follow awak, selamat berkenalan :)

  3. wow! 2020, tgk movie back to the future it was 2016 kan? ada kereta terbang smua.. we are not ever close to it yet padahal dah 2017....
    sigh ~ i feel old too

  4. Just talked about this with my sissy, of how we used to imagine that 2020 would be the world with no borders but somehow, we're too far from the imagination.. lol

  5. hey, robot already in their way to conquer the world. Sofia the mother?

  6. senarai peserta dah update :) hehe
    boleh tgok kat sini

    Goodluck ya! All the best!

  7. Good luck...saya pon join jugak...Datang dari GA yang sama...Done follow..

  8. Replies
    1. hai thanks sherlyanna. but i couldn't reach your blog. we'll hopefully revisit as soon as it's ready.

    2. hai thanks sherlyanna. but i couldn't reach your blog. we'll hopefully revisit as soon as it's ready.

  9. wahhh goodluckkk. x smpt pun nak join