Product Review: Small Kid Slide

I purchased this mini slide last February from a lovely online seller, ‘bambinotoysstore’ on Instagram. I got it at a special price for only RM110 plus RM12 for postage. I cleared the payment on 19/2/2017 (10.41 p.m.) and the item was posted to me on the next day (20/2/2017) with a tracking number via KTMD courier. I received the item on 22/2/2017 (around 3.00 p.m.) at my doorstep, together with another playground equipment I purchased (see-saw). Fast delivery!

In my opinion, this small slide was very easy to fix. There was a manual sheet to assemble this product in the box, but I hardly used it. No need, too easy. It was ready in a blink of eye. This slide has added a great choice of playground equipment to my three nieces’ indoor playground. It can be folded and stored when not in use. However, this slide is pretty impressive in height. I mean, if you are talking about a little kid scope. So, technically, it is going to be a very swift ride and harsh landing…for a little kid. Make sure you put something soft underneath as an absorbance such as a pillow, comforter, duvet, play mat and so on.  Well, my two one-year-old nieces are okay riding this slide without anything underneath, sometimes. They are wearing diapers!! So those diapers are their natural absorbance for fast landing.

They are very happy indeed. This is their world! This playground has made them come often here, their grandparents’ house. Their parents do not have to take them to outdoor playground anymore which requires extra caution of course.

If you are interested to buy this mini slide for your little ones,
you can contact the seller of this fantastic online shop ‘bambinotoysstore’. 

The shop has many other interesting items to sell especially for children. The owner of this online shop also has another online shop which is called ‘bambinoattires’. She is very friendly and I really hope to deal with her again in the near future.

**Refer to this link to see where I bought the big slide.
**Refer to this link to see where I bought the see saw.

Bye now!

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