Visiting Warwick within 2 hours

15 December 2015

My housemates and I actually went to Warwick to visit the famous Warwick Castle.
However, we didn't get in because the entrance fee
is quite expensive for a little time we had.
We wouldn't have much time to explore the Castle
since it is getting dark early during winter.

I will come again during summer.
This is the Castle from far.
This pictures was taken from a garden nearby.

See how big the Castle is.
It has lakes and gardens inside.
Late spring or summer will be the best time to enjoy this, I think.

It would a waste to get in at that time because it was nearly 3 o'clock.
and 3.30 p.m. was already dark (sundown) on that day.
It was already winter. Night time is longer than day time here.
As we love to take pictures, it would be best if we could come much earlier than this.
Next time, probably in the the pictures will come out nice and clear.
Well, we only depend on the phone camera... That's why...hahaha.

So we simply drop and take photographs at any suggested
places to visit in Warwick.
Luckily, we coincidentally saw an information board at the train station
and took its picture.
We simply visited to as many as possible within that limited time.
We had to take a train back home at 4.50 P.M.

Below is the picture of an old hospital.
It is a very authentic building.

Below is the picture of Smith Street

This is St John's House.
It is a FREE museum.

Well.......not much actually.
Warwick, we will come again!!!!!

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