Garden Slugs and Snails

Garden slugs and snails are torturous...
They are like everywhere....
creeping actively at nights
eating all our small plants and vegetables.

This is a slug I found in my garden this morning.

and this is Mr.Snail

These are their cousins....

Do you still remember my flower bed?
The picture below was taken last month. 

 See what happened after a few days.
Only two to three days, the flowers gone.
After that, the snails and slugs
started to enjoy the leaves too.

One week later, the leaves were all gone.
They ate all my French Marigold leaves.

Thank God that they didn't touch the Lavender and Red Begonia.

Well, there are actually many ways to kill slugs.

1) Salt is the best when you want to kill slugs, but it is also hazardous to grow plants. So, we must not sprinkle the salt near our plants. Salt is also famous in killing weeds. I've tried many times and it works wonderfully well.

2) Other than using salt, slug repellent beads are effective if you sprinkle them regularly near your plants. I am not sure whether it really kills slugs.

3) The other solution is to use instant coffee powder. I've recently read an article that studies show that slugs hate caffeine. So simply sprinkle coffee powder (which of course contains caffeine) around our plants. I have tried but I am not sure whether this method is really effective because we don't know how much coffee powder is enough.

So, good luck with your garden slugs and snails!!!

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