Chocolate tart cake

This type of chocolate tart cake is extremely easy to make.
So I made two cakes just now.


Chop one dark chocolate bar (200gm) into tiny pieces.

Chop some of raspberry white chocolate bar into tiny pieces.
This is optional.

Pour 300ml cream into a big mug.
Heat it in a microwave oven for 1 minute.

Then, pour the hot cream onto the chopped chocolate.
Let it rest for 5 minutes, before you can whisk it.

Whisk the mixture well until it becomes chocolate ganache.
This recipe is made to fill two flan cases.

After that, prepare the flan base.
"Flan" or "tart" means an open pastry case which you can fill anything in.
You can call it flan case or tart base or tart case...whatever you like!
They are all the same thing.

This is a sponge flan base.
Well, for this one, its texture is exactly like a sponge cake.
The size is as big as a dinner plate.

Don't worry! Simply buy it at any supermarkets.
Well, you can also make your own biscuit flan base instead,
if you are hardworking enough.

Spread some strawberry jam on top, if you want.
This is optional.

Fill the flan case with the chocolate ganache while it is still warm.

Cut each strawberry into half.

Decorate the cake as you please.

Lastly, let it rest in your fridge for a couple of hours before you can serve it.

 Ready to serve!!!!


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