Gochujang substitute - Sriracha

I use Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce as a substitute to gochujang (Korean hot chili paste).
It is a product of Thailand which I think you can find it in Malaysia too.
It has a certified HALAL logo from Thailand.
The taste is slightly different, of course.
But the heat taste is absolutely tolerable.
I bought this for £2.39 at a Korean food store.

You can use Sriracha instead of gochujang to make bibimbap (mixed rice and veggies).
Korean rice with lettuce wrap is absolutely scrumptious with Sriracha.
I always use Sriracha to make ddokbokki (hot sweet rice cake) too.
The above picture shows what I prepared for a dinner.

First row, from left:
Sweet and spicy minced beef meat.
Sweet Anchovies in sesame seeds
Bean sprouts (half-boiled with a pinch of salt)
Ddokbokki (Korean Sweet and spicy rice cake: recipe)

Second row, from left:
Sesame seeds
Cucumbers (half-boiled)
Carrots (half-boiled)
Sriracha Chili Sauce

Third row, from left:
Kimchi (Korean fermented cabbage)
Stir-fried mixed vegetables (brussel sprouts, cabbages, garlics, peppers)
Fresh lettuce

These are all side-dishes to sushi rice.


  1. this is interesting.. korean food sedap =D

  2. where can i find this sriraca? i searched for it at AEON Jusco, Cold Storage and AEON Big at Mid Valley, but could not find them.. please help..

    1. Hi. I think I saw one about a month ago at Pacific Hypermarket. I can't remember the price...but yup, it is sold there! It might be available at any Pacific stores, I believe.

  3. I don't know where to find it in Malaysia. Maybe you should try buying online.