Forbidden Palace

I have been watching Disney Mulan (1998) since I was a little girl. The cartoon movie has really left a big impact on my life. It's inspiring main character (a girl named Mulan) has made me to dream to visit Beijing, China. I can vividly remember the moment Mulan is standing in the eyes of China. She is respected by all for bringing her family honour and the Country's pride. The ceremony is held in the Forbidden City with so many staircases excessively illustrated in the cartoon movie. From the first moment I watched the movie in 2000, I started to think of the place and wished to be there someday. Little did I know that I would be in the Forbidden City twelve years later on my very own feet.

These are rooms for the 'wives' of King.

This picture might look sunny to you, but it was actually deadly cold at that time (-12'C).

Below is the mini-bus which carries passengers to the Forbidden City.
During winter, it will be too cold to walk there from the main entrance.
So, you won't mind to pay a little for the ride, absolutely.

Mission accomplished!!

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