Dayang Bunting Island

Dayang Bunting Island is located in Langkawi Geopark, Kedah, Malaysia. It is the biggest island in Langkawi, Kedah. We can travel there by boats for at least RM45.00 per person and it takes only 15 minutes from Kuah (about 17km). We can enjoy the majestic view of beautiful tiny islands along the way to Dayang Bunting Island. As you reach the island, the monkeys will excitedly greet you with pleasure. BUT BEWARE....don't give food to them.

This island is believed to hold mysteries and charms. It was named after a lady from ancient history called Dayang Bunting. "Bunting" means pregnant. The island seems to portray the shape of a sleeping pregnant woman. The unique structures of the hills and mountains on Dayang Bunting Island are likely to draw us a sleeping woman's head, breast and pregnant belly.

This island is well-known to have its mystical lake called Dayang Bunting Lake (Tasik Dayang Bunting), with the size of three soccer fields. It is believed to be magical because it is a fresh-water lake on the island, surrounded by sea water. Well, scientifically, it is proven 'not magical' at all.

We have to climb up the hill to see the lake (approximately 1km). On our way, we might stop to see the famous Langsuir Cave. "Langsuir" means vampire. If I'm not mistaken, it was named after the different shapes of the cave ceiling, giving us a picture of hanging vampires. 

Unique rocks are everywhere...

 The staircases....for easy climbing.

Plenty of small eat all dead skins on your feet.

The precious water...just dip your feet in. Pleasurable!

As we reach the lake, we can enjoy a lot of exciting activities, except swimming. Swimming in the lake is strictly forbidden, even if you are a champion swimmer.

The monkeys are always welcoming us...

 This is the view of Tasik Dayang Bunting

Its crystal clear water with reflections of the trees around definitely offers us a great memory be cherished forever.

 Bye now!!!

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