Amazing Potato Spring

I tried potato spring for the FIRST TIME....amazingly delicious. I didn't even know that it would taste this good. I saw it many times before at pasar tani Shah Alam, but...intentionally ignored it.

But today, I bought it at Bazaar Ramadhan for my adik. Cheese potato spring, 3 for RM5.00 only! Yummy!!! I will definitely buy this more in the future...huhu


  1. still rangup ke kalau dah sejuk? tpi memang sedap!

  2. to emy/farid : kalau sejuk dh x rangup...kurang sedap. tp layan je...hehehe

  3. kitew pown sukew ;) (haha.. rase cm lempang tak?)

    hope you r having great time with family! saya disini xsabar2 mau cuti.

    ..smlm dpt mc, tpi kerja bnyk amat xsampai hati mau pulang.

    take care!! :)