It's March already!

Time always flies fast.... With a blink of my two eyes, it happens to be in March already. It seems only yesterday we celebrated a very blessed new year, 2012. Of course, everyone has set a few dreams to achieve this year.... But have you achieved any? Even one?

Never mind, let us set our new dream in the very beginning of every new month. Sounds good... This is the list of what I want to do...

1) Completing my Chapter 1 (Research Proposal) - Oh, a lot more to work keeps changing.
2) Watching "MIRROR MIRROR" - in cinema starting 16 March

 It is adapted from a novel....but Mirror Mirror The Movie is more is quite comical, I guess. The trailer shows.

3) Watching "Snow White and The Huntsman"

I bet this movie is somehow as terrifying as Snow White A Tale of Terror many years ago.
A lot of blood and tears....

So, what about you? What do you want to accomplish in March? Good Luck anyway....


  1. salam kunjungan... lama tak singgah blog ninie...apa kabr? dah tak wat doodle lagi ke?

  2. hi nini !

    how time flies fast.. dh bulan 3 da..
    nak setelkan assignment la jwbnyer...huhuhu...

  3. tengok cita malaysia.. cita kura2. hihi