Product review: My MARY KAY healing crisis and what I do to heal faster

27 August 2017

All I can say is, my Mary Kay *healing crisis (so called a treatment process) is a nightmare! You can refer to my previous post on *series of my faceupdates during this healing journey. To see my history in skincare use, you can click on *this link and see what skincare products I had used in the previous years.

During this healing treatment, I’ve been experiencing loads of discomforts especially the existence of new acne pimples. I've never had such pimples before. More and more huge pimples appeared in the first two months and they started to behave from the third month, especially my forehead. Now I have been exactly 4 months using Mary Kay skincare regimen so I am a little satisfied with the state I am right now.


So what do I do to make my MARY KAY healing process FASTER?

1)      I take a food supplement for extra vitamin C and E.

I have been consuming Dianz Vitamin C and E Plus for 5 months now. I am now on my 8th bottle. I take 2 tablets daily, one in the morning (after breakfast) and one in the evening (after dinner). Well, I have been taking Dianz Vitamin C and E Plus since 28/3/2017, which is about one month before I even started to Mary Kay skincare. Please refer to my other review on Dianz Vitamin C and E Plus for more details.

**I order this supplement from a trusted stockist, Nadia.

2)      I drink a lot of plain water every day, 3L at least.

3)  I used acne treatment cream on pimples which is OXY5. You can also refer to this product review I posted last time.

4)   To control my sinusitis, I don’t eat shellfish and meat (beef, mutton and so on). I  also don't take some selected seafood at all since early this year, including dried anchovies. I  rarely eat eggs too. But I always tolerate any food containing eggs like cakes, biscuits and breads. I am a picky eater. I have been avoiding all of these since January 2017.

5)   Starting from 8/8/2017, I added one more Mary Kay product into my skincare routine which is CLEARPROOF Clarifying Cleanser (RM95.00) to wash my face once daily, usually at noon. It helps to remove excess oil and helps speed cell turnover on the surface of the skin, as stated on the brochure. This huge tube contains 127g of cleansing gel with 2% of salicylic acid. I really like this cleanser with the fact that it doesn't leave my skin dry every time I wash my face. However, I have to rinse my face thoroughly with loads of water, many times, to clear off the 'bubbly and foamy feeling' left on my skin. Another thing I am concerned about is the itchiness every time after I wash my face with this, especially the acne spots. They become red and extremely itchy too. But after a while like 10-15 minutes, the itchiness will be gone. That's the reason why I am still using this cleanser until now.

6)   Starting from 14/8/2017, I use an acne treatment cream called Mary Kay CLEARPROOF Spot Solution. (RM65.00) I don't use OXY5 anymore. This Spot Solution will cover spots with a highly effective, botanically infused formula to target blemishes and help clear them up, as stated on the brochure. The tube contains 29g of colourless cream with 2% of salicylic acid. I really like this product because it does not leave my skin dry at all. I think it works wonder as well as OXY5. I love its smell too.
That’s all! For the time being, these all work for me, judging based on the positive improvements on my face day after day. I’ve heard and read that some people experience worse such as having more and more new pimples for more than 6 months. Wow. To me, the fifth month should be the healing month and your face will stop getting new pimples. So, we'll see mine...huhu. If you ever experience this VERY LONG ‘healing crisis’, you should consult your dermatologist as soon as possible. A dermatologist knows better .

I believe that Mary Kay does not make those pimples out for long, but during the healing crisis, those pimples themselves multiply due to infections. This is because during this healing crisis, more pimples are coming out so your skin gets easily infected by unwanted bacteria.

Happy trying….

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