Product Review: Deo Body Spritzer Mary Kay

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It is a great product for my underarms! It is hazardous chemical-free and suitable for my sensitive skin. With this, I don’t need an antiperspirant deodorant anymore!!! I am now deodorant-free!!! I am now using a body mist. Please refer to the previous post for more details why I wanted to be deodorant-free so much.

This is my amazing experience with Deo Body Spritzer Lotus and Bamboo Mary Kay. I used it for the whole day during the first day of Eid. I only sprayed my underarms two times after showering in the morning. It is like a miracle that my underarms were odour-free for the whole day! It was a very hot and sunny day. I ran here and there for family members and neighbours came to my house to celebrate Eid together. It was a big feast, and you can imagine how busy I was with preparing food and drinks. It was indeed a very hectic day. I surely perspired a lot that day. Yet, nothing bad happened to my underarms! My underarms dried so quickly and they felt fresh throughout the day. Amazing! Although the nice smell of Deo Body Spritzer was faded towards the end of the day, my underarms remained fresh without any stinky smell. I fall asleep without taking bath that night. The next morning, more people coming to my house since early in the morning. I had no chance to take a shower until noon. Seriously, my underarms didn’t smell at all even that day. So I took a shower and sprayed it again to enjoy the rest of the wonderful second day of Eid. **Eid is like Christmas when you meet loads of people during many different feasts and hang out much.

I really recommend this product to anyone with bad body odour whenever NOT using a deodorant. This can be a substitute to the commercial deodorant we normally buy everywhere at local stores. The price is expensive but worth it! People say it can last for nearly 8 months. I don’t know because I’ve been using it only since a few days ago.
I pour some into a travel spraying bottle to bring anywhere

HOW TO USE IT: Simply spray your underarms from the length of 10-12cm away from the spray bottle. Press the spray head firmly (until it reaches its end) ONCE ONLY. After that, use your fingers to spread the liquid that you sprayed all over your underarms area. The texture is exactly like clear drinking water but it dries quickly in a second. You will feel like nothing is there but it works wonders throughout the day! You can spray TWICE or as many times as you want. But to save (because it is quite expensive to some people), ONE press will absolutely do to let your underarms feel fresh the whole day. I have tried!!! It surely works all the time.

WARNING: This is my experience and has happened to me. Don’t spray to close to your underarms skin. Make sure you spray at the length of 10-12cm away. If you spray too much like too many times (e.g.: four times at once), it may stink your skin especially if you are after-shaving. But if it does stink a bit, relax! Wait until a few seconds, you will feel nothing at all. It is very mild and suitable for sensitive skin.

Happy trying!!!

**If you’re interested in buying Deo Body Spritzer Mary Kay, I can introduce you to my  friends who are Mary Kay Beauty Consultants and selling this product.  OR you can simply google them!


  1. kita pun tak suka pakai deodaran.. hmm kena ada juga 1 mist ni..

  2. AziRahman: Hai Azi!

    Zeera: hehe...boleh la cuba brand ni.

  3. body mist mmg terbaikkk bau melekat kalau berpeluh pon still bau fresh tak bau masam heheh untuk dapatkan produk ni dan FREE CONSULTATION boleh whatsapp saya 0137152511 atau add my facebook Sukma Rindu SD MK :)