Pimples which are NOT ACNE on my face

There are two other types of pimples which are not acne on my face. They look almost exactly like acne pimples. They are bumps or swollen pimples on my face, but NOT acne, for example:

1- Folliculitis 

I sometimes get this folliculitis pimples on my face and certain parts of my body. Normally, I just get ONE folliculitis pimple at one time just like in Picture 2. It is when your follicle (wherever hair grows) get clogged with bacteria interference, and it becomes swollen and normally has a pointy pus head (kepala nanah). This happens after you shave or just any bacteria infection from your clothes and stuff. 

My doctor will prescribe a mupirocin ointment called Supirocin. I always use this brand. My sister is a pharmacist so I always ask her to get me the ointment whenever necessary as I already got the prescription from my doctor.  It is not an over-the-counter-drug. Mupirocin is a type of antibiotics so it is not freely sold at any pharmacies.

This folliculitis often appears once in a while. My doctor said it is because I have a very sensitive skin or sometimes due to unhygienic reasons. We are human beings and we ourselves are dirt, as my doctor always says! LOL. So I don’t worry much about this, as long as I apply this ointment as soon as the bump appears exactly where each strain of hair grows. After 2-3 days, it will be all gone.

2-Milia seeds

Milia seeds are also known as oil seeds. These seeds often appears near your eye area. Sometimes they can be counted, but if worse, they appear too many that you cannot even count them all! My condition is not that bad. I only have two to three milia seeds under my right eye, literally on my eye bag. I started to have one milia seed in 2016. Later, I got two more oil seeds next to the previous one. But in early June 2017, my first milia seed disappeared.

These milia seeds appear due to our unbalanced diet such as high cholesterol intake (e.g.: oily food). That's why they are also called cholesterol seeds. So, in order to reduce the amount of these seeds around our eyes, we have to eat healthy and nutritious food. Well, as they say, to reduce the cholesterol level in our body, we  are suggested to drink Anlene milk every day!

Milia seeds can also appear around our eyes if we don't wash our face properly especially when we are actually leaving some invisible makeup residue on our face. FYI, I am currently using Mary Kay as my skincare regimen, starting from 27 April 2017. They claim that if we wash our face correctly using their skincare and always remove our makeup clearly using the Mary Kay Oil-free Eye Make up Remover (RM68.00), we can control and discard oil seeds.

Well, I am not sure. But all I can say is one of my three oil seeds has disappeared. It had been there for more than a year…LOL. Please note that I have been consuming Dianz Vitamin C & E plus too, one month even before using Mary Kay. Some say this product can cure oil seed problem too. I have been taking this vitamin since 28 March 2017.

So??? Now I don’t know whether Mary Kay or Dianz has technically helped me. But religiously, GOD The Al-Mighty did....Hahahahahaha.

If you are interested in buying Dianz Vitamin C & E plus, you can contact this cute girl, Nadia. I always purchase this product from her and get free gifts. OR you can let me know then I will give her contact number.

Happy trying!

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  1. CT ada melia seeds as well.. didnt know bout Mary Kay blh help to reduce if not xdeee pegi treatment buang. so painful bahaha tahan jela..

  2. Yeke? Mahal kan Siti laser oil seed tu ye? Orang kata dlm RM50 sebiji oil seed ye...yang klinik paling murah punyer. Tak mampu...hehe