How to wash face without facial cleanser


We wash our face several times daily. But we are advised to wash face using our facial cleanser/soap only TWICE daily, presumably in the morning and at night.  So what happens during the gap between morning and night? We have to wash our face for many reasons! Sometimes it unexpectedly gets dirty or something. For muslims, they  automatically have to wash their face during ablution prior to performing a prayer, 5 times a day. So here is what you need to do! Do exactly like what you do when you detoxify your face.

 You may need:
-Facial Cloth 
-Tap water

That’s all! Use only clean water! Don’t use any washing gels/cleansers/soap. Wipe your face with wet facial cloth to get rid of excessive residues such as natural oil and dirt.

I am using Mary Kay Disposable Facial Cloth (RM11.00).  There are 30 big sheets of cloth in a bag, but I cut into 480 pieces of small facial cloth. Meaning, 1 sheet is cut into 16 small pieces. Each small facial cloth only costs me about 2 cents and I use 5 pieces per day. So I spend about 10 cents every day for facial cloth. One bag of my Disposable Facial Cloth normally lasts for 3 months, at only RM11.00. Very cheap! 

If you don't have this facial cloth, you can always use any type of baby wipes, preferably the one for sensitive skin. BUT you need to wash its liquid away with a lot of running water, then only you can use it! I always use Pureen Baby Wipes which only costs me about RM5.00++ for 80 sheets.

If you are using makeup, make sure to clean your face well. Remember, since you are only using WATER to clean your face, it is very difficult to get rid of makeup applied. Again, wet your Facial Cloth with water to remove your makeup. You have no choice but to use a makeup remover. But after that, wash your face right away with a lot of water.

Remember that some makeup remover contains alcohol which may dry out your skin. Avoid using makeup remover which contains alcohol. You can use good makeup remover such as Neutrogena Oil-free Eye Makeup Remover (RM58) or Mary Kay Oil-free Eye Makeup Remover (RM68 110ml) if you want. Both are oil-free and alcohol-free.

After throughly washing your face,  pat dry well using clean towel or facial tissue. I always use two pieces of facial tissue to pat dry my face after washing. Then you can use an alcohol-free toner if you have. Finally, apply your oil-free moisturiser.

That's it!!!


  1. hehe if rajin i would wash my face before i go to bed. most of the time malas.. especially when i dont wear mekap that day =P

  2. Kalau guna baby wipe, kena basuh dulu ye.. Ira da lama x guna pencuci muka.. Hehe..

  3. Sha suka guna baby wipes bersihkan muka.. Tapi sha dah lama tak bermake up..

  4. salam..
    morning..yaya drop by here
    smbil follow juga..yg ke 755
    slmt bkenalan..

    anyway, tq sharing tips.. ^_^

  5. Ira: Kena basuh dulu kalau kita kulit sensitif...kalau kulit normal, x perlu pun xpe...hehehe

    Sha: Wah, betul tu bila guna Rasa bersih je muka kan...walaupun x guna pencuci muka.

  6. rajin Nini basuh muka banyak kali ya. Saya memang basuh 2-3x sehari je. hihi. Good tips by the way. 👍

  7. kakak selalunya memang akan bersihkan muka sebelum tidur. Dah jadi rutin, klu tertido pun pasti bangun balik bersihkan muka..hehe

  8. wow super good info for me..sbb sejenis yg malas nak apply cleanser..

  9. biasanya selain cleanser guna wet tissue je senang. Lagi² kalau travel, wet tisu wajib ada :)

  10. Salam and hi all. If u need consultation rgrding your skin atau nak tau produk2 MK boleh contact sy 0162175319. Boleh belajar cara2 nk dptkan balik kulit sihat tanpa merosakkan kulit and mekap nipis2 je 😊😊

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