All types of acne on my face

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Hi everyone! Today I am going to talk about TYPES OF ACNE, by giving the real examples from no other but MY FACE. I started to welcome all sorts of acne pimples during my healing crisis after I used Mary Kay skincare on 27/3/2017 (refer this link for more information). I haven’t had these so many acne pimples for ages. This is, as they say, a part of healing process which I have to endure for I don’t know how long. I hope it won’t last longer than 4 months. My beauty consultant suggested that I have to bear with this healing crisis and be patient. The product is now healing my face so I just need to relax and let Mary Kay works hard.

Types of acne on my face



Alright. Let’s start with the first and most famous type of acne which is whiteheads. The name itself is white, so that’s the colour, normally. It is also known as closed comodones. Whiteheads are formed because my pores get clogged by excessive sebum and dead skin cells. There is no open pore on each whitehead even I look closely on it (through the mirror of course…LOL). It is simply a small protruding bump on your skin.

Whiteheads come in many sizes, I believe. I previous thought that whiteheads are the ones on my nose, over my nose area and all over my lips to the chin. But the bigger ones on my cheek are also whiteheads. They are also from the closed comodones family, which are clogged without visible open pores.

The small whiteheads are easy to pinch out the clogged sebum inside. You can use an acne tool which is also known as a comodone extractor. BUT, the big whiteheads are not as easy as that! I tried to pinch two of my big whiteheads near my chin, the sebum was out by forced. The next morning, both whiteheads which are next to each other were joined and got swollen. They turned into one huge and painful pimple! Please refer to the following pictures.


This type of acne was so famous on my face in high school. I don’t have so many blackheads recently after I started using Mary Kay. That’s the only good thing I can say so far, regardless new big pimples keep appearing! So these blackheads are also called open comodones.  Each blackhead is also formed because of my pore is clogged by excessive sebum (you call it oil or blemish) and those ungrateful dead skin cells. However, each pore remains open as you can see the clogged sebum and dead cells turn into black inside the pore or even follicle. This is why you call it a blackhead. The blackheads can be easily pinched by a facial tool to get the ‘black stuff’ out.


This type of acne is very common to lots of people. This type of acne pimple is normally red and swollen. It can be itchy, painful, feeling-nothing or all of those characteristics. Unlike whiteheads and blackheads which are caused by clogged sebum and dead skins, inflammatory pimples are extendedly caused by the bacteria interference. There are four types of inflammatory pimples as follows:

Papules on my face are the ones of those reddish or pinkish little bumps. They are clogged pores which get worse inflammation. That is why the colour turns red or pink because it hurts the skin. These pimples are easy to deal because they can be concealed by my foundation of cc cream. I have a Mary Kay CC cream with SPF15 with me. I think it works well to cover this type of acne. ONLY this type!!!!!!

Pustules are so famous on my face. I got more pustules during healing crisis of using Mary Kay skincare. Pustules are the swollen and red pimples with visible pus. The pus can either be yellow or creamy white. I think this type of acne is the worst when the pus pops while cleansing my face. I hate it. I have to wipe the blood overtime as it keeps coming for a while. You can imagine that right? So, to go out, I use foundation instead of cc cream to cover this type of acne. I need more coverage because cc cream is usually lighter than foundation coverage. I have with me Mary Kay Foundation Matte-wear. Well, I don’t know. Yes, it covers the pimple but not the bumps, indeed.

This type of acne starts deep underneath my skin. It is a swollen pimple which gets further irritation and bigger. They say, we cannot treat this type of acne pimple at home. Yes, I agree. I’ve tried many types of traditional methods but didn’t work. Well, it is either ‘DID NOT WORK’ or ‘WORKED VERY SLOWLY’. I also tried benzoil peroxide (5% OXY) but didn’t work either.

So I normally let a nodule pimple heal itself, while applying benzoil peroxide overnight. After 2 weeks, the size is normally reduced but the redness is still visible. So it may take another 2 weeks to clearly discard the visible bump. This acne leaves dark spot on my face. I once tried to apply BIO-OIL later on, but this acne was activated once more. It took another one week to heal. So now I don’t use Bio-oil on my face anymore. It doesn’t work well with my face skin.

This type of acne is the largest among all inflammatory acne. The most painful one, to me. It is said that the clogged sebum and bacterial infection happen at the deepest skin, as compared to others. It is even lower than nodules, hence becomes worse. Based on my experience, cysts type of acne leaves scar on my face.

There are also some other types of pimples on my face which are not acne. They are also bumps or swollen pimples on my face, but NOT acne, for example:

-Milia seeds (oil seeds)

You may click on this link (will be posted on 14/7/2017) to go to my next post about folliculitis and milia seeds, if you are interested.

Bye now!!!

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