Product Review: My first experience with MARY KAY products

Happy Eid everyone! Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri...
Written on: 27 June 2017 (exactly 2 months using Mary Kay F1 BE Cleanser and 1 month using OFHG)

Today, I will talk about my very first experience with Mary Kay products which I myself just knew about this brand. On the 2nd of April 2017, I started to consult a Mary Kay Malaysia Beauty Consultant (BC) who happens to be one of my old friends. She’s very beautiful and kind too. I showed her the latest pictures of my face. This is because I only contacted her via Whatsapp (a mobile phone application like Wechat, Telegram and so on, where you can share messages, pictures, videos and many more.). I haven’t seen her for ages so she needed to look at my current pictures at that time to evaluate my skin condition.

After receiving some information about my history of the skincare I used, she decided that I have to use Botanical Effects Formula 1 Cleanser (BE F1 cleanser), judging from the sensitivity of my face skin too. Please note that I thought my face is OILY. I will discuss this later. The other Mary Kay skincare products I was suggested to use are Oil-free Hydrating Gel (OFHG) and Timewise Moisture Renewing Gel Mask.

So I received my trial sachets on 22 April 2017 as she posted all of these to my parents’ house. Along with these trial sachets, I received my other two purchased items which are SPF15 CC cream (very light) and Mary Kay Disposable Facial Cloth. The trial sachets I received were:

- Botanical Effects Formula 1 Cleanser for Dry/Sensitive skin
- Oil-free Hydrating Gel (OFHG)
-Intense Moisturizing Cream
-Timewise Moisture Renewing Gel mask

So I used the trial products for a few days. Within that period, I think they neither gave any harm nor visible goodness to my face. To be honest, at first, I was not really comfortable using the cleanser because it is not drying out my face at all, which is actually good. The texture is very lotion-like creamy without foam. For your information, my face skin looks oily all over and sometimes suitable to be called acne-prone. That’s why I prefer cleanser which can dry out my face right away, as soon after I wash my face. The feeling of dryness makes me feel happy. Little did I know, this feeling is actually harmful to the skin which contributes to acne-prone condition which I have been suffering for ages. I have never had moisturizers on my face before too. That’s why I sometimes had dry parts and flaky spots near my lips area before I started using Mary Kay cleanser. I put some Intense Moisturizing Cream on these dry and flaky areas many times daily. It worked really well to moisturise these dry parts!!! Within a week, that problem was solved.

My BC told me that, despite having oily-look skin, my skin is actually very dry inside, and feels oily on the outside. This condition is the main factor which leads to my sensitive skin and acne pimples. Therefore, I was given Botanical Effects Formula 1 Cleanser for Dry/Sensitive instead of Formula 3 Cleanser for Oily skin. Botanical Effects Formula 1 Cleanser is claimed to be the mildest cleanser as compared to the other two formulas, she said.

So I should proceed with my order. I purchased the suggested Botanical Effects Formula 1 Cleanser for Dry/Sensitive skin and Timewise Moisture Renewing Gel Mask and received these two items a few days later, on 27 April 2017. As mentioned before, the creamy F1 cleanser is alright as I am getting used to it. However, the gel mask is not alright to me at the moment! It was supposed to be able to reduce the size of my pimples on the next day of using it. I tried many times (every two-three days) but the results were still the same. Each pimple became bigger or at least stayed as it is. I thought it was normal at first until one day, I put a little dot of gel mask on my small closed comedone pimple and the skin of the affected area was swelling right away, in a second. Please see the picture below.

It became exactly like it has been bitten by a mosquito. So I stopped using the mask in early May 2017. I returned the gel mask in good condition with its box to my BC via Poslaju courier on 25 May 2017.

I also ordered two more items from my BC which are Oil-free Hydrating Gel (OFHG) and Oil-free Eyes Makeup Remover. Unfortunately, due to my tight schedule, these two items were delivered to me about one month later, which was on 26 May 2017.

My BC delivered these items herself to me at my doorstep. She gave me a free lipstick which I love, called Semi-matte Lipstick (Rich Truffle). The colour is nude and natural, which I love the most about it. I received more free samples in small sachets. Actually, the Intense Moisturizing Cream was originally on the list I ordered. My BC said that I don’t need it anymore due to the positive improvements of my skin. Now I see no more dry parts and flaky spots.

As a replacement for the gel mask returned, I was suggested to use Botanical effect F3 Mask instead. I received the F3 Mask on 6 June 2017, with a few more samples of different Mary Kay facial wash sachets and a trial stick of Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara. This time, I also ordered a Mary Kay Sheer Mineral Pressed Powder (Ivory 1) with its Compact Mini which is the case for the pressed powder. It is sold separately. As for the CC cream, I don't use it actually. I only used it three times because I don't fancy the texture which makes my skin look oilier than it was, without any powder on (obviously Ten days later on 16 June 2017, I purchased a foundation called Timewise Matte-wear Liquid Foundation (Ivory 5) and very cute blusher named Mineral Cheek Color Duo (Juicy Guava). The colour is peach, not pink. I really adore this blusher because it comes with a highlighter which is optional to use.

So today, 2 June 2017, it has been exactly 2 months since I officially started purchasing and using Mary Kay products. I only purchased the basic products I currently need to budget constraint. I hope I don’t have to buy more items within a few months ahead. Let’s hope!

The following list is to show the prices I spent for my face so far:

-Botanical Effects Formula 1 Cleanser       = RM72
-Timewise Moisture Renewing Gel Mask   = RM117     -returned
-Oil-free Hydrating Gel (OFHG)                  = RM138
-Intense Moisturizing Cream                       = RM138      -returned
-Oil-free Eye Makeup Remover                = RM68
-SPF15 CC cream (very light)                    = RM79.00
-Mary Kay Disposable Facial Cloth            = RM11.00   X 2
- Botanical Effects Formula 3                     = RM85
-Sheer Mineral Pressed Powder (Ivory 1)  = RM69
-Compact Mini (pressed powder case)      = RM45
-Timewise Matte-wear Liquid Foundation = RM65 (discounted), originally RM79
-Mineral Cheek Color Duo (Juicy Guava)  = RM65

FREE item:
** Semi-matte Lipstick (Rich Truffle)         = worth RM55
**Two pressed powder sponges               = worth RM11
**Ultimate Mascara (trial stick)                  = The normal size is trending at RM85

For now, I am very satisfied with my total purchase of RM708.00. These items are enough for me to serve my face at this moment. I didn’t buy any brushes yet for my cc cream or liquid foundation. I simply use clean fingers to apply the cream onto my face. As for my blusher, I use an old blusher brush from the previous blusher I had. I cleaned it using mild shampoo and let it dry. So guys, let’s hope that some of these items are enough to last for a few more months!!!

For your information, I am now dealing with a very bad healing crisis. I didn’t detox my face at all prior to using MARY KAY skincare products. My BC did ask me to detox my face first using milk, coconut water or cold water with fruit-iced-cube infusion. However, I didn’t do so due to my hectic life at that time. Plus, I didn’t quite understand the benefits of doing it so I skipped this detoxification time. Here is my post about how to detox your face before using Mary Kay products so it may benefit you.

Plus, I didn’t attend any MK beauty classes as well because my BC lives very far from me. I’ve been really busy at the moment to attend those classes nearby. At the first two weeks, I didn’t really know the right way of using these products especially the facial cleanser. As a result, I overused the cleanser and it is almost gone. There's a little left at this moment. I was supposed to use it in a pea-sized cream and applied it all over my face. Instead, I used like 1 inches of the cleanser for a whole face. What a waste! Same goes to OFHG. There's only a little gel left. It has been only ONE month. I was supposed to use ONE scoop only for a whole face, but I used generously 3 scoops of OFHG instead to apply all over my face. WHAT A WASTE!!!! So now I always contact my BC and keep her updated about anything I feel and experience.

In the next post, I will show you the time-lapse pictures of my healing crisis nightmare. I celebrated Hari Raya (Eid) two days ago with this kind of face...hihihi. I hope to always update that post as a collection of time-lapse pictures of my face along my journey to healthy skin. Stay tuned!

**I also got myself a Deo Body Spritzer for RM138.00 on 24 June 2017. It is amazing! It magically eliminates my underarms and body odour for a whole day. It is safe and chemical-free. I will talk about it in the next post.

I am a new user of Mary Kay, officially starting on 27 April 2017. So what I write is truly based on my experience and observation for sharing purposes only. Yet, I myself do not know the outcomes of using these skincare regimens to my skin. Should you have personal questions or want to seek my honest review, feel free to comment below. If you want to make your inquiries private, please write a note "Jangan siar" or "Don't publish" so I won't approve it for public view. Thank you.


  1. A sincere sharing that really helps other Bc and those who still have skin problems. Istiqamah is very important. Keep sharing..May Allah ease everything❤

    1. yes, so true. I've been using MK products for 1 year and a month already.